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The last thing you want going wrong with your new hottub is a wiring problem. These high voltage recreational appliances need special Ground Fault Circuit Interruption to ensure the safest of electrical operation in combination with the wet environment in which they operate.

hottub wiring


Hottub manufacturers and sales will always recommend hiring a licensed electrician to wire and install your spa or hottub. Electrical wiring around water needs additional safety measures including GFCI circuit breakers. Call Sharp to wire up your hottub and ensure you have a certified safe hottub. If your new hottub might be too much extra load for your existing panel, we can help with an upgrade to your service.

pool equipment wiring


Circulating pumps for pools and other electrical components like low voltage in pool lighting needs to contain GFCI protection on their circuit. Get professional electricians to help ensure your above ground or in ground pool installation is safe for your pool guests.