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Blackouts are nothing new but an increase in seasonal storms are causing an increase in power outages that can leave families seeking alternative shelter as the temperature drops in their home. 2011 was one of our country's worst years for grid-disabling natural disasters. Power interruptions longer thank 24 hours affected 21 million customers and winds from storms will continue to be a threat to the power grid as we see more high damaging storms year after year.

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Unlike portable generators which you have to roll out of the shed and start during an emergency, a standby generator is permanently installed on a concrete pad or gravel area next to your house. When the power goes out the generator detects a lack of utility supply feeding the house and automatically starts the generator to power the house. A major benefit of a standby generator is that essential household systems and appliances are kept running, even when you're away from the home.

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A generator is an insurance policy for your family against extended power outages and can be critical to your loved ones if somebody in your family relies on medical equipment in your home. A generator can also protect pipes from freezing if you are away from your cottage or home for extended periods of time. Your furnace may be gas or propane fired, but it need electricity to drive blower fans and turn itself on. In the peak of the summer a generator may save your family from sweltering heat, protecting elderly or children who may be less tolerant to temperature extremes. Generators also add to the value of your home or cottage.