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Showing Your Holiday Spirit The Safe Way

Clark Griswold loves his Christmas lights in the movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The humorous collection of extension cords layered into each other in a single garage socket, while funny in the movie, in real life, presents safety concerns for your family and home. 

Too many extension cords Clark!


You want to show your Christmas spirit but find yourself hooking extension cords and splitters into only a few plugs to make it happen. Properly grounded GFCI plugs on the outside of your house prevents the risk of electrocution and the risk of electrical fires. Depending on how many light based displays you have running, it might be advisable to balance the load across several circuits to prevent overload. Newer LED based lights draw less power but motorized Christmas displays may add to the load.

Running extension cords to the back of the house to power your lights? Have Sharp Electric install additional exterior plugs. Exterior plugs are rated for additional protection against moisture. Electrical code dictates that these special Ground Fault Interruption plugs are required and designed to prevent possible electrical shock when water and snow mix with exterior electrical devices like Christmas lights.


Vehicle Block Heaters

Have a diesel or an older vehicle that needs a block heater to start? Sharp Electric can install garage based or external GFCI plugs to allow you to run minimal length cording to make sure your vehicle's block heater works as expected and gives you the morning start you need.


Electric Fireplaces

Manufacturers sell these easily installable, decorative warming units with the "just plug it in" promise, but the truth is that these fireplaces draw as much heat as a hair dryer and require their own circuit to run without interrupting any other of your electrical devices. If you're thinking of installing an electric fireplace, give Sharp Electric a call about evaluating your current power needs and possibly installing a dedicated plug for your electrical fireplace.


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Sharp Electric!

Jenn Sharp
Jenn Sharp

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